What Would You Say to Yourself 10 Years Ago if You Could?

I was chatting with a friend recently about life, and what it would look like to go back in time and have a conversation with yourself. Because life is constantly teaching us lessons, whether we're open to them or not, it'll be teaching. And if we miss an opportunity to learn one of those lessons, you can bet another opportunity will come up at some point to try again.

But what would life look like if we had the opportunity to have a conversation with our younger selves? What would you say to yourself? What would you want your young & probably immature self to know about what life holds for you? I let those questions ruminate in my mind during this morning's meditation. And here's what popped up...

conversations with my past self...

  1. Listen to your heart and it's cravings/desires. The heart knows things. The heart is our direct connection to our soul. And when you're not listening, your heart and soul will slowly harden. The heart should be trusted, not ignored. Spending time with the heart and it's desires connects you to the Divine, and the more time you spend cultivating a good relationship with the Divine and your soul, the more peace and contentment and joys you'll find in your life.
  2. Be honest in where you're at and who you are. It's easy to get caught up in what we think society wants from us...or what's expected of us. But what other people want for us isn't what's necessarily best for us, or how we want to live our life. Get honest with who you really are and how you want to live your life. This honesty will help keep you headed down a path that feels right for you.
  3. Create more than you consume. The books you read, the movies and tv shows you watch, the music and podcasts you listen to, the art you look at, the blog posts you read...they all shape your thoughts and how you see the world. Those things aren't bad by any means, but they can overpower your mind. And you were born to create. Spend time alone with no distractions. Pay attention to what comes up and what you want to say...then create from that space. Make things. Draw, dance, sing, paint, doodle. The things that come up from that space are tied directly to #1 on this list. And remember, the heart knows things.
  4. Say yes. This one's pretty simple. Say yes to things that excite you. Say no to things that don't. Yes is an invitation. Yes leads you down a path of opportunity. Yes leads to new experiences, and life is all about experiences.
  5. Stoke the fires at home instead of trying to set the whole world ablaze. I get it. You want to change the world. You want the whole world to know who you are. You want to leave a good legacy. You want to make the world a better place. But if you spend all your time on those things...you're going to lose what truly matters most, your wife and kids. Show up for them first. Be there for them. See them for the wonderful people they are. Love them to the best of your abilities. Stoke those fires at home and you'll feel a whole heck of a lot happier than expending all your energy trying to change the world and coming home drained and empty and offering your family your leftovers.
  6. Let that shit go (forgive). Forgive, then forgive some more. Forgive yourself for all your mistakes. Forgive others when you feel hurt. No one is perfect and we're all doing the best we can. This one ties back to #5. Forgive those closest to you. Let all the wrongdoings/pain go to the best of your abilities. Because carrying around that pain will keep you from truly showing up for those you love. And before you know it, that resentment for not having dinner made, or not having the dishes done or whatever silly thing you're upset about will slowly grow and fester and before long, you're almost divorced and unhappy. Forgive forgive forgive and forgive some more.
  7. Life's a game and the rules can be made up as you go. Games are supposed to be fun. Play. Follow your excitement. Do things that light you up as often as possible. Ask what if. Dream big. Play with others. Smile. Do things that make you happy and share them with others. Question things. Explore. Wander and get lost. Don't be afraid to meet new people. It's all a game that will be over way too soon. Enjoy it.

Your turn...what would you say to yourself 10 years ago if you could?

Josh Solar

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