What it Means to Be a Dad (To Me)

Being a dad means loving my kids through the good + the bad times...through the times they really get under your skin...and showing them no matter what, they are LOVED (even if I'm really frustrated).

Being a dad means living with the courage to pursue my dreams...to show them that I practice what I preach...that life isn't always easy, but as long as we're going after things that matter to us (that don't harm others) then we'll be ok, fulfilled, on the right path for ourselves + (mostly) happy.

Being a dad means truly understanding the Buddhist concepts of impermanence & non-attachment + living those practices through + through...teaching them that nothing stays the same...we're never the same person we were the day before...+ since change is inevitable, we need to not be attached to certain outcomes or the way we want things to be.

Being a dad means being silly + not caring about what others think of me (I mean, I do have my toe nails painted in the above ninja image with Lia...because every single time she asks to paint my nails I say yes)

Being a dad means leading by example. 

Being a dad means showing them all emotions can be our teachers.

Being a dad means sitting with them + listening...because it's easy to pretend we know everything + just want to give them advice...but it's so much more impactful if they get there on their own or with a few tiny nudges ;)

Being a dad means showing them they matter...that they are enough...that they are worthy + deserving of love + no one can take that away from them, ever.

Being a dad means having your heart tugged on daily (at least for a feeler like me)...I don't think there's a day that goes by that they don't do something amazing or kind or funny that makes me smile, laugh + be grateful for each + every precious day I get to spend watching them grow.

Being a dad is tough...watching your kids grow + change + pull away (yet always come back).

Being a dad is worth all the love, joy, pain, time & energy given to those kids of mine. 

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but I'm gonna go hold my kids tight + show them how much I love them. 

father and son laughingfather throwing daughter in the air in the oceanfather and daughter playing ninja dressup


Wherever you are today + whoever you're spending your time with, I hope you take a moment to pause + be grateful for all the amazing dads in the world. And if your dad is no longer with us, pause + take a few deep breaths + think about all the lessons he taught you about life + love.

Thanks, Dads.

Josh Solar

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