What I'm Loving

We've been busy doing work on the RV + packing up all our stuff, so here's a quick little post full of some stuff I've been loving lately...

This video is inspiring on so many levels... 

MERELY OBSERVATIONS. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.


This article full of expectations vs. reality about the grieving process is pretty eye opening.

A few months ago I set my iPhone up exactly like Tristan outlines in this article on mindful phone use. Now that I've become accustomed to my system, I use the phone way less than before and way more intentionally.

I've been doing as much research on grief/trauma and how it effects the mind + body. This book on overcoming trauma through yoga has far and away been the best description I've ever read about trauma effects on the body. 

I recently got an iPad Pro to take with us on the RV. Currently, Jenny + I both can work remotely, so we weighed the pros & cons of having two laptops vs. 1 laptop & 1 iPad Pro. I'm so glad we got the iPad. Drawing on it is so much fun! Here's one of my first sketches (and future greeting card)...

i love you more than you know sketch

As always, know you're loved, you're amazing + you're so much stronger than you think. 

Josh Solar

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