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I realized recently that I get so caught up in sharing my faults, failures & screw ups that I kind of suck at celebrating my wins (big & small). Do you ever do that?

Get sucked up in the messes you make while discrediting the good things you do? (I'm guilty)
Dwell on mistakes instead of looking for the silver lining or lesson learned? (Raises my hand)
Take too long to apologize & then hold on to the fact it took you that long to apologize? (Guilty as charged)
Eat that junk food or extra snack late at night because I 'deserve' it or want it so bad but know once I cave & eat it that I'll feel bad about myself for not having any will power which completely discounts any & all enjoyment of said treat in the first place? (Get it together, man)

Why do I do this? Is it some sort of perfection expectation that I'm trying to live up to? Am I afraid of what will happen if I open myself up to full on joy? Am I worried about people thinking I'm weak? Am I worried about disappointing others or letting them down? Do I secretly self sabotage myself because I don't truly deserve to be happy?

I've been contemplating all these questions. Letting them roll around my head. Trying to come up with some solid answers.

Note: I truly believe in sharing our screwups it helps others not feel alone when they screwup. 

But if I hold onto that & don't ever acknowledge the wins & GOOD things life has to offer, I'm completely ignoring some of the best reasons to even be alive in the first place. 

To change all that, I'm going to share some wins in my life in hopes you will take some time to reflect on some wins in your life.

  • The last day I didn't sit down to meditate was November 30, 2015.
  • I took some time to stand outside and stare into the fog this morning. I sure do love fog. And nature is pretty dope, too.
  • I hired a nutrition coach and am joining a crossfit gym when we get back from California next month. Both of those are huge steps for me as putting some 'skin in the game' is a huge motivator for me to press through on my health even though it would be easier to quit & eat junk food.
  • My wife & kids & family & friends love me so well. There are daily reminders all around me about how loved I am.
  • I bought some kettlebells to take with me in the RV to California so I have no excuses to not workout.
  • I've read 3 books already in 2017, continuing my tradition of 52 books a year that I started in 2013.
  • I am almost done with my first cross stitch since I was like 8. It's such a joyful thing for me.
  • I've been learning woodburning lately as well. Basically, what this means is I have a weird idea, then I instantly put steps into making that weird idea come to life. Right now, they're small ideas, but I know this practice will help me when those big ideas come.
  • I went to a movie last night and successfully avoided popcorn.

Those are just a few wins that I'm doing a little happy dance for in my chair as I type this. I'd love to hear about some of your wins (big and small). Because don't you think it would feel better to focus on the good things in life for a bit?

Josh Solar

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