Let Us Sing Before Our Time Runs Out

There's a lot of pain in this world. Within the last week, we've had the tragic mass murder in Orlando. I read a story about an alligator that snatched a 2 year old right right by the Grand Floridian at Disney World. A friend of mine just lost her dad. Friends are getting divorced. Pain. Pain mixed with a whole lot of sadness. 

It would be easy to just shut down or get angry. Angry at gun violence. To just shut down at all the violence and loss. Angry that it seems people with differing opinions can't even have a conversation any more. It would be easy to just stay in the house and hide. Stay off the internet. Don't pay attention to the news. Just ignore it all. Or numb ourselves with Game of Thrones and video games. We all have our numbing rituals, don't we?

But I choose to believe in a better world. I choose to believe in the goodness of people. Yes, our world isn't perfect, but the lovers far outnumber the haters. Always have and always will. There are so many good things about this world...so many good things about this life. So many good things our differences bring to the table. Cultures, foods, architecture. This world is overwhelmingly beautiful and good.

So I refuse to hide. I refuse to silence my love. Instead I choose to sing. I choose to dance and love with my heart wide open. I choose to seek out the good in the moments I'm given. I choose to spend extra time with my loved ones and let them know all the things that I love about them. I choose to continue to pour my heart and soul into letters for strangers to find. I choose to be brave and be kindI choose to be a reminder LOVE is the way.

I choose these things because I can.
Because I'm alive, right now. 
And I know that I'm not guaranteed any of it. 

Will you join me?
'Let us sing before our time runs out.'

jon foreman sing before our time runs out

Josh Solar


Josh Solar

love your big beautiful heart. i’ll sing with you. anytime. always.

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