We're All Just Here to Pick Each Other Up When We Fall

One thing I've come to learn over the years of this life I've spent with Jenny is this...there are times when I'm struggling & failing & falling & Jenny is there to pick me up. The inverse is true as well, that when Jenny is struggling & failing & falling I'm there to pick her up. 

I became aware of this while reading a sample of Brian Andreas' new book "Bring Your Life Back to Life: A Guide to Effortless Joy." 

beautiful brian andreas story on life

So often, it seems to me anyway, that Jenny & I go back and forth, feeling good & hopeful & happy & optimistic to beating ourselves up & feeling like we're not doing enough or we're not good enough. It truly helps to realize in our times of confusion that we have each other to lean on for support & to be strong when we're feeling weak. 

Isn't that a lot like life? One never is just happy all the time, right? One never feels like they have it all figured out, right? Circumstances don't always go our way, right? But, because of the sad times, the confused times, the failures, the times when things just seem to be crashing down all around us are the times when we get to witness the most beautiful moments life has to offer. That there are people around us, all the time, good people who are there to meet us in the darkness & show us the way to the light

And all we can ask for, really, is another chance to do it better the next time.To be reminded again & again about how good we really are, despite our failures. To be shown over & over that we're all really doing the best we can, even when we mess up. To constantly learn that WE ARE ENOUGH & that WE ARE LOVED, even when we do something that hurts another.

We're all just here to pick each other up when we fall anyway.

Brian's new book 'Bringing Life Back to Life: A Guide to Effortless Joy' comes out on November 8. You can pre-order it right now and get some wonderful treats to go along with a beautiful book. I guarantee that you'll be smiling from ear to ear as you read through all his beautiful little secrets to living a full and joyful life. I'd also be willing to bet you'll get some sort of surprise with your pre-order because that's how Brian lives life.

Josh Solar

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