How I Got My Creative Kick in the Nuts (A 4 Step Process for Everyone)

It was up in the mountains of Southern California, 7,000 ft in the sky, at a creative entrepreneur retreat called Field Trip that I got the creative kick in the nuts I needed. You see, even though I've been quiet around here on this blog this year, life has been pretty dang good. I've spent 5 weeks with my family & friends in Southern California, my kids health has been stable for quite some time. The stressors in my life have one by one fallen away. 

But something felt off in my creative endeavors & I needed to fix it. So here's my foolproof plan to getting your own creative kick in the nuts or butt if you don't have nuts (whatever), here goes...

Step 1. Step far out of your comfort zone. I'm an introvert & really really like my comfortable friendships I've built over the years. It was time for me to put myself in a position to meet other creatives that I didn't know too well. Field Trip fit that bill for me. I knew maybe 20 people of the 350-400 that were there. I was nervous & just wanted to hide at times, but I didn't let that side of me lead (more on that later).

Step 2. Say yes & trust your intuition. I approached Field Trip with an open mind & said yes to anything/everything. This led me to meet folks from all over the world with fascinating stories (I)(II)(III). I said yes to Reiki & ended up feeling my heart feel so heavy, then crying uncontrollably & then I felt that heaviness/sadness release & I felt blissed out all within a 10 minute window. I said yes to any class that had to do with self-love & all of those experiences led me to step 3. 

Step 3. Commit to self-love. Make time for it. Find what recharges you. Find what brings you joy. Do those things every day, as often as possible. For me, that means making time for my morning meditation & Wim Hof breathing. It means connecting with my kids. It means creating things that make me happy &  that let others know they matter. It means waking up at 6 am before the sunrise on the day you turn 36, even though you stayed up until 1 am talking & knowing you've got a long day ahead of you but you have to catch that sunrise while meditating on the rock that was probably a bit too hard for you to climb but you did it anyway. 

Step 4. Surround yourself with people that inspire you & push you to keep going. Those are the people that remind you why life is worth living in the first place. We all crave connection, real, true, honest connection. Find the people that love you well & never let them go.

Bonus Step. Give yourself grace & know you're loved. This one is related to step 3, but I wanted to make it the final step. Because I was being so hard on myself. The last 3 years of my life had almost nothing go according to any plan Jenny or I could've possibly came up with. Yet we still traveled. We're still married (happily, I might add, and closer than ever). Our kids are healthy (as healthy as they can be with CF). And I've got food, shelter, clothes, people who love me & work I enjoy. I realized I needed time to grieve that period of my life & all that went up in flames with it. Field Trip was the start to a new healthier season for me. 

Tada! I'm creating again & having fun with it. Making art became such a chore for me, but following these simple (who am I kidding, it's hard to do put yourself out there but it's SO worth it) steps I've regained my creative mojo.

Also, just go to any/all future Field Trips. These are all things I pulled together from the experiences I had with the most creative folks I've had the pleasure of sharing cabins, meals, meditations with.

Back to my birthday meditation session on the rocks. I watched the sun come up & snapped an image. The words 'Lift your head up high & don't lose heart' came to me at some point that morning so I decided to write them on that picture of the sunrise & make it into an iphone wallpaper. If you dig it, just click the link there & save it to your phone, my treat. Here it is in square form so you can see more of the mountain :)

lift your head up high & don't lose heart hand letter mountain sunrise


Josh Solar

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