How Can I Show Up For You Today?

how can i show up for you today hand letter
Marriage is hard enough by itself. Then you add in jobs, kids, life. You can go deeper and throw in all the crap we carry with us from childhood, the learned behaviors, the false truths we learn growing up from our parents, the kids around us, our teachers. We learn a lot about self worth & self love from watching how others treat themselves & how they treat us. Well, you throw all of that in a blender & then try & stay happily committed to one person for the rest of your life.

We don't arrive at the altar complete people. Maybe some folks do, but from my personal experience & chatting with friends about their stories, it's quite rare. Once the excitement from the vows, the celebration, the honeymoon wears off & you dig in to this life together, it's not all rainbows & unicorns. Naively, I believed it was. 

The last few years have been hard in the Solar household. Illnesses, death, shattered dreams, the long, slow path of healing past wounds. But we forge on, knowing the struggles are shaping us in ways that lead to a deeper love & connection with those around us. We're learning more about love. We're learning more about leaning into the hardships. We're learning more about being there with a closed mouth & a listening ear. We're learning more about what true, unconditional love means. We're growing into who we were born to be.

Yesterday was Jenny & my 14th wedding anniversary. It wasn't the best day ever. In fact, there wasn't a whole lot of joy for either of us yesterday. But as the day went on, the only thing I cared about was asking 'How can I show up for you today?' And then doing that. Showing up for our loved ones, day in and day out. Really, what more do we need then to know we matter. That we're cared for & loved deeply. It's not always easy, but most definitely necessary. 

How can you show up for those in your life today? Take a few moments every morning and ask. Listen to what they have to say, then act. Guarantee you'll see some amazing things blossom in your life if you make this a daily practice. Show up and love today, my friends.
Josh Solar

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