Here's to Dreaming Big & Taking Risks

So a week ago we decided we wanted to sell our house & live out of an RV.

Because why not?
Because there feels like a whole bunch of negative energy in our house.
Because we crave adventure.
Because life's better when you're trying something new, right? 
Because Jenny + I have always been big dreamers.
Because we want to meet people + share stories + encourage one another.
Because we want to show our kids the world in real life, not just looking at other's pictures of beautiful places.
Because how fun will it be to live solely for the purpose of finding beauty in the unexpected?
Because we want to show our kids that our dreams are worth pursuing + risks are worth taking.
Because we want to know that we punched fear in the face.
Because we want to look back on life when we're 80 + have no regrets.

So we bought an RV...
Here's to dreaming big + taking risks in pursuit of what makes life worth living...
awesome old rv
Josh Solar

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