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Jenny + I have been spending most of our time these recent weeks busting our butts to get out of our house + into our RV to just go and see the world. It's been a dream of mine to pursue a lifestyle like this for some time now. I've always felt this desire to be out in nature more. Exploring off the beaten path. Swimming in fresh water (hopefully super cold water!). Climbing mountains & getting lost amongst the tall trees. And doing it all with those I love the most right by my side. 

And yet, I've been living in the suburbs for what seems like an eternity. Life has felt off for quite some time + I'm pretty sure it's because I've been choosing comfort over challenging myself. I've been playing it safe when my heart has wanted me to let go. I've never fully understood the effects my lifestyle choices have been having on me until recently when my life was shattered into millions of pieces + I had to pick them all up + reassemble them. 

Why do we do this? Why do we choose to keep spending time in places that don't light us up? Why do we spend time working at jobs we don't really love? Why do we try and live up to these 'American Dream' standards that leave us feeling empty + defeated + lonely + depressed? Why do we choose to collect meaningless things over making memorable experiences? Who decided that society's rules on what life should look like should be applied to all of us + why do we let them guide us into these empty lives?

Look, our time alive is short. It's literally a countdown until our death from the second we're conceived in our mommy's belly. The number of breaths we'll take is finite. The number of kisses we'll give is finite. The number of times we'll make love is finite. The number of laughs we'll share is finite. And we have absolutely no idea what those numbers are...just that each time we laugh, it might be the last time. Each time we catch a sunrise it just might be the last time. 

I share all these thoughts, not to be a downer, but how much of our life is wasted doing crap that leaves us feeling empty? I know what lights me up won't be what lights you up. You might think cramming a family of 5 (and a cat) into a 34 ft. long RV + driving wherever our hearts desire sounds like the worst idea ever. That's ok. You do you, and I do me. That's what makes life so great. There's literally an infinite amount of options for how you can spend your time on this earth.

I'm urging you to spend some time with those special folks in your life talking about what lights you up. Talk about your dreams. Talk about what problems you want to solve. Talk about what makes you happy + fills you up with so much joy. Then take a good honest look at how you spend most of your time. What adjustments can you make so you're living from the joyful space?*

For me...that joyful space involves adventure. Because it's calling. And I can't ignore it any longer. I can't waste any more time in a house that feels so weighed down with negative energy. I don't want to lay my head down at night + feel like I wasted another one. I can't do it any longer. My heart is so wide open right now. Light + love is literally bursting forth from the depths of my soul. I've shared that part of me in bits + pieces throughout the years, but I feel I took a step towards fully letting go + embracing what I have to offer this world in the past few weeks. I've kept it shuttered long enough, contained in a lifestyle that frankly wasn't working for me. 

My dream is for you to feel that light + love in your whatever ways feel good to you. Because whatever is burning inside of you wants desperately to be let out into the world. Your whole heart + soul aches to be seen/felt/heard. You are love incarnate. Your dreams matter. This life is short + YOU MATTER.

*If you don't have someone in your life who you feel you can talk to about those things, give me a call at (816) 588-9232. I'm always up for a conversation about what lights folks up.

Josh Solar

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