A Story About A Boy Who Loves a Girl Very Much

you are not alone, not now, not ever. i am here for you.
This story starts with a boy who loves a girl very much. But the girl is struggling. And the boy has his heart in the right place, but he was scared. And the support the boy was offering to the love of his life wasn't being received as support. So both the boy's and the girl's feelings were hurt even more. And there was a lot of unhappy times. Mean things were said. And the boy almost lost the girl.

The boy felt alone. The girl felt alone, too. The boy found himself out of town, surrounded by friends. Yet still he felt alone. And scared the life he so desperately wanted wasn't going to be there when he returned. So he pulled back. He spent time alone. He spent some time meditating and praying and digging deep within to see if his heart held some answers on how to truly love the girl in a way that felt loving and compassionate to her.

The boy came home from his trip. The boy and the girl went for a walk. The boy promised to show up for the girl. But the boy had made those promises before. The girl hesitated. The boy pressed in. The only way to show he meant it was by letting his actions back up his words. 

The boy keeps showing up. The boy says, "You are not alone...I am here for you...Rest if you need to...Feel the sadness and grief...Take all the time you need and know I am here for you." In the past the boy wanted to fix things as fast as possible. To just put a band-aid over it all. To pick the girl up and show her how amazing her life was. But the girl needs to feel her sadness. To fully heal from traumatic experiences, one must feel all the feelings and process through them at their own pace. The boy knows this now. 

The boy just wants to love the girl.
Now, there is hope where before there was only sadness and hurt feelings.
Now, there is connection where before there was loneliness and resentment.
Now, there is patience where before there was frustration.
The boy loves the girl.
And the girl loves the boy back.
Now there is love.
Josh Solar

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