Live Long + Radiantly

live long and radiantly monster encouragement doodle
I see you. Trying so hard to hide. But I see you.
You have a radiant light within you. It's there whether you see it or not. You cannot hide it from me.
You shine that light so bright each moment you choose to love.
You shine each and every time you choose to forgive, yourself and others.
You shine every time you show up, especially in the moments when it's a challenge just to leave the house.
Your light has shined from the moment you were born. And it'll shine until you take your last breath.
Your light is radiant.
You vibrate goodness + light + love. It's your natural rhythm.
I know life can be complicated and confusing sometimes. But it's in the moments when you say yes to something that could make the world a better place and no to things that don't that you tap into that deep, endless reservoir of radiant light within you.
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the warmth you bring?
Do you notice the ways your light and love can greatly impact those around you?
Do you realize how truly remarkable it is you are alive and able to help someone know they are loved + enough + not alone?
We're lucky we were born with a chance to make our lives meaningful. It's quite simple really. 
Shine your light. 
Shine your radiant light.
Live long and radiantly, my friend.
Josh Solar

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