Do You Want to Know What Enlightenment Is?

close your eyes. breathe in the quiet. surrender.

I've found myself walking lately. Just wandering around and trying really hard to let go of my thoughts...

To clear my mind.

To see what comes up when I just focus on my breath.

Deep, deep breaths.

Long, slow, deep breaths.

Fully in. Fully out. 

Letting go of my desired outcomes.

Letting go of my thoughts.

Letting go of the need to be right or wrong.

Letting go of the need to 'fix' things.

Just me and my breath.

Fully in. Fully out.

Deeper and deeper within.

Letting go of my judgements, towards myself and others.

Forgiving my mistakes. Forgiving others of their mistakes.

Letting go. Letting go.

Thoughtless breaths.

It's there I find bliss.

It's there I find enlightenment.

Just a simple pause and a few deep breaths and the wonders of a perfectly imperfect and unpredictable world around me.

Gifts available to us every time we stop and take a moment to notice.

Thoughtless breath. 

Fully in. Fully out.



Josh Solar

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