A Letter For You

letter of encouragement
I was having a rough day. Exhausted, mentally + physically and just needed to get out of the house. I got in the car and just drove. As I was driving, these words kept coming up, and I found myself wishing I'd have grabbed my bag of blank cards and pens before I left the house. Luckily, I found one pen and a slightly bent You are Loved card stuck in the cubby above the glove compartment. I pulled off to the side of the road and sloppily started writing...
I wish I could tell you how loved you are + you'd believe me and life would magically be perfect all of a sudden. I don't have that power but I can take a moment to let you know that even though you don't always feel it, you're ok. You're loved. You're enough. You're alive + here + doing the best you can. This world should ask nothing more from you than that. Hold on, my friend. I believe in you.
A friend
And I felt better afterwards. I don't ever understand why. I think I know why it feels good internally to write down some encouragement and leave it for a stranger, but I don't have proof. I ended up at a Barnes + Noble near me and stuffed it in a new book by Steve Kamb called Level Up Your Life, because, you know, if you're looking to level up your life, maybe some words of encouragement can help?

I share all this with you, because maybe you need some encouragement today? Maybe we all need some encouragement today. The world can never ever have enough love in it, can it? This week, I hope you wake up each morning knowing that even though your life isn't as perfect as you'd like, it's still a darn good feeling to be alive and know there are folks out there in the world who love you. And that's all life is about...
Josh Solar

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