Hasta la Próxima Semana!

We're currently adventuring in Costa Rica for the week...Pura Vida as they say here...

So, hasta la próxima semana (until next week)...

For now, enjoy this image of Jenny + I swimming in the rain + fog in the Cerro Chato Lago in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The lake is a body of water in a crater on the top of a volcano which took us 3 hours (and a heck of a lot of sweat + tears + a little bit of blood) to hike to. It was most definitely the hardest hike I've ever done in my life. The cold lake swim made it all worthwhile, though...until we had to hike 3 hours back.

But now I'm running on and on with words when I should be sleeping. I'll be back with an all new post next Thursday. Thanks for being awesome and following along. May you find some adventure in your precious days...

couple swims in the Cerro Chato Lago in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Josh Solar

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