The Royals World Series Parade...on Expectations and Changing Your Mind

Heading downtown to the Royals World Series Parade

I'll start off with a little something I shared on Instagram Tuesday evening...

Today: wait 2.5 hours to get on a bus to head downtown to the Royals parade. Get on the bus and ride it for 1.5 hours to actually get downtown. Walk a bunch and wait for the parade. Kids got a nice view from my shoulders. I didn't see shit. Head to the rally. Got fairly close yet still couldn't see or hear anything. Get in a fight with my wife because she just wanted to enjoy the parade and rally and me and the kids ruined that for her. Head back to wait 3 hours to get on a bus to head back to our car which took another hour while we all listen to Lia scream she has to poop for the whole time. Finally get off the bus and are running for the bathroom and Lia shit her pants anyway. #foreverroyal #greatday #lovethistown #KCproud #dadlife

I forgot to add I even forgot my Royal Blue Horse head mask :(

royals fan horse head mask selfie

Now that I've had some time to reflect and think about how the day actually played out, I realized the whole day was one big reminder about expectations and how it's ok to change your mind. Because here's the deal. While snuggle chatting with the kids before I tucked them in, each and every one said they had a great time. They all loved seeing the players drive by and the confetti shooters and the energy and cheering with an estimated 800,000 fans in attendance. Isn't that the point of it all really? To have a good time with your family? To celebrate the awesome things in life?

I really don't know what I expected heading into yesterday. And I don't know what Jenny's expectations were either, but what I do know is this...unmet or too high of expectations lead to letdowns, meltdowns and fights. Because when I try and force life to fit into a certain box or set of ideas of how I want something to play out, I'm missing out on the beauty of what's already there. I get so stuck on how I want things to be, I try and guide and force instead of going with the flow.

If you're a baseball fan at all, you know the Royals have sucked for so long...until they didn't. Jenny & I have found so much joy in watching this team play hard every single night, and have fun while doing it. Everyone knows their job, and everyone has each other's back, and they never ever quit. Just google the amount of comebacks they had in this years playoffs, or the number of runs scored after the 6th inning, it's incredible. They won a game that had them at a 1% win probability...1%. The Royals have sucked for so long, and our life has been so hard for a few years now, until it didn't. That's the story I have in my head. I found hope in the story of the small market, lower payroll Royals winning the World Series. If they can overcome tremendous challenges, so can we. If they never ever quit, then we can't quit either. Hope. Faith. Joy. This Royals team brought all of that to our house and more. 

I told Jenny late last night that the day wasn't a complete and total nightmare, even though I probably said those words to her at some point during the day. I changed my mind because I'm allowed to do that. I want to view the day as one where we'll all look back on with fond memories and be able to laugh about it. The chaos. The poopy pants. The waiting. The sheer amount of people in one area. It was a huge celebration and we were there. We were there. We're allowed to change our minds and WE WERE THERE. 

Do you have any situations in your life that could use a good mind changing? Is there anything that's happened in the past or any struggles you're currently going through that if you look at with a new set of eyes or adjusted expectations you might see something you've missed? I'm giving you permission, right now, to reflect and change your mind. You always have the choice to change your mind.

I woke up this morning way happier than if I went to bed thinking of how 'bad' my day was. I let it go. I laughed a bit at the sheer absurdity of all that played out. And we were there. We made the effort instead of sitting on the sidelines knowing all the hassles just trying to get there would bring. We said yes. We showed up. There were definitely some laughs had. We were together. We were there...

Josh Solar

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