How to Spread Joy in 3 Simple Steps

A few times a week I'll get a comment on a facebook post or an instagram picture that says something to the effects of "I want to do this one day." It's always on a picture of an encouragement letter I've left or a rock I doodled on. I love knowing that others see the fun I'm having encouraging others and want to join in and do the same. So this week's post is dedicated to detailing my process in doing what I do. It's pretty easy...

how to spread joy hand lettered graphic

  1. Find something to do that brings you joy.
  2. Do that thing as much as possible.
  3. Share it with others.

It's as simple as that. Find something you love and use it to bless others. For me, that's leaving little gifts wherever I can. I always carry some blank greeting cards and sharpies in my bag. I'm constantly looking for rocks to pick up and doodle on. I just feel all the good feels inside when I know someone out there will find something out of the ordinary as they're going through their day. Especially because I put a lot of love and heart into the art I make. I imagine how I'd feel if I found something similar. I imagine a smile, or maybe even some tears because they're going through something difficult (and we're all going through something difficult) and just the fact that a stranger took the time to leave a little something to let them know they are seen, they matter and they're loved. One can never know how the things they do truly effect others.

I imagine a world where we're all using our own unique talents to light all the dark places. That's really what life is about, isn't it? Loving ourselves (spending time doing things that light us up is an act of loving ourselves) and loving others (using the things that light us up to light others up to). And that looks different for everyone, which is why this life is so dang amazing and beautiful, because despite all the dark places and struggles and hardships, there are folks out there who care enough to show up, to be seen and to stand up and say...I believe in love.

Josh Solar

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