Love Filled Words From a Night With Trevor Hall

Concerts are a spiritual event for me. There's a spirit I feel moving through me when I close my eyes and dance along to the music. Some of my most profound emotional break throughs have happened at live shows. Something magical happened at Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes show I saw a few years ago. The time I saw Michael Franti come out in a rain storm and sing "Have a Little Faith in Me" while getting drenched. The first time I heard Ben Rector sing Forever Like That as Jenny and I twirled around in the back of the Beaumont many of my favorite memories have happened at concerts. The Divine seems to speak to me directly through music.

So when I heard months ago that Trevor Hall was coming through KC I knew I had to be there, even if I went solo, which is what I did. I thought I was going to be the lame old dude going to the concert by myself, but my worries were immediately washed away last night when a friendly man with the sweetest dreads I'd ever seen greeted me with a smile while waiting outside the front of the show. Once inside, a nice man handed out pieces of paper to everyone with a simple "You Are Loved" message. Luckily, I had an encouragement letter in my bag and told him we should trade. Slowly, the Riot Room filled up with more and more of my people. Free spirits...bare footed folks, warm smiles, people were there to be moved with music, and not to get drunk and talk while the musicians played. The vibe was ripe for a great night.

Joel Castillo (a local singer from the reggae band 77 Jefferson) opened up and sounded real nice. Then came Hawaiian born Tubby Love, who brought some killer beat boxing and loops to his love filled songs...he had some passionate energy, too. It was infectious and we all bounced and danced to his tunes. Then Trevor came out and blew me away. From the opening sounds of Jagadeesha to the closing of the night with Good Rain, there was some good energy floating around that space. As Trevor sang the words "Bliss all around" in Jagadeesha I closed my eyes and felt some tears streaming down my face. I had this peace wash over me. I felt tremendously loved. I knew that my hardships and struggles of the past few years were not over by a long shot, but I'm going to be ok. I will make my way through, and I'll be bringing Jenny and the kids along with me.

I wanted to share a few other lines that hit me in the gut last night...the words and music felt so much more impactful wish is you might get something out of them, too...

"Now that the earth is turning real fast
I hold on strong just to make it all last
This storm, it soon shall pass
Give thanks and praise at last"
from Still Water

"Close your eyes all we got is this"
from Wish Man

"There's a way, there's a way
There's a way, there's a way
There's a way
There's a way, there's a way
There's a way, there's a way
There's a way"
from Green Mountain State

"If there’s a hole in your soul
You better fill it
If your cup is over flowing
Don’t spill it
You better hold it
While the whole world's spinning around
Well don’t let your blessings turn into stone
That kind of living will leave you all alone
And when your heart is troubled by a feeling
Just remember there’s a way to spark healing
The first step is when you start believing it’s real
And this is the one thing missing I feel
That loving one another is the only thing real"
from Good Rain

"love all
serve all
create no sorrow"
from Unity

" So save me, love, save me all the time
I'll wash you down with a simple sip of wine
And toast my glass to all my loved ones
To let them know that the stars, well, they still shine"
from The Lime Tree

As I drove home with the windows down on a gorgeous 75 degree evening in Kansas City, I just felt for the first time in a long time that everything is going to be ok. I don't have all the answers and I never will. I don't know what exactly my plan going forward will be, but I do know I have the ability to take life one step at a time, moment by moment, breath by breath. And I'm surrounded by the biggest, most amazing love...and you are, too

Josh Solar

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