On Not Helping When Called...

The other day we set up at the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair. It was hot and humid. I'm talking 110 heat index. And after the whole thing was over, we packed up all our cards, loaded up the van and headed to meet a friend so I could let him borrow one of my cameras. We met in a carpool lot in Kansas City, and just to the side of where we were meeting up, a lady had a flat tire. That's where this story begins...

A few minutes after my friend arrived, she came walking over and asked if we had a jack. Her son who came to help her thought he had one, but turns out he didn't. So she was stuck. She'd called for help but no one had showed up yet. She had her grandkids in the car and just needed a jack so her son could change her tire.

Instantly, my mind went to...I'm tired. I'm so sweaty. I'm hungry. I just want to get home and take a shower and eat dinner, etc. So I said, no, I did not have a jack. In my initial defense, we were driving our minivan that we just purchased a few months ago and I hadn't seen a jack in the car anywhere. I knew our old one had one in the back somewhere, but I had never noticed one in the new car. So I didn't even think to look.

Turns out, I was completely wrong. We did have a jack. It was tucked away in a nice little compartment in the back corner of the minivan, in a compartment that had a little jack on the front. I noticed it as I was unloading the car at home...too late to be of service to the lady who needed me.

I share this because, it upsets me that in the moment, I put my needs in front of someone else's. And my needs weren't all that important. A shower and dinner could wait. This lady was stuck with her grandkids in some dang hot weather, and I couldn't even take a moment to search in my car for a jack. 

Now, I'm not beating myself up over the whole situation. What's done is done. I'm human and I will make mistakes time and time again. But, I will use this situation as a reminder that often times we're called to assist others, and it's our choice on whether we answer that call or not. I can't go back and help this lady, I sure would if I could. But I can move forward knowing I can be of service to others when they might need help.

I'm sure there are situations where you've found yourself able to help ease another's burden and for whatever reason you chose not to help. To that I say, you're human, too. Forgive yourself. Learn a lesson. And move on, knowing you're better for all your mistakes. I'm sure you have just as many triumphs. So join me in moving on from past mistakes and onto future love-filled triumphs. 

I hope that as you go through your time here on earth, you find little lessons that you can use to add more love to the world in your own way. That's ultimately why we're here in the first place, right? To love and be loved.  To ease other's burdens when we can. To selflessly give when the opportunity arises, whatever it is we have to offer.

Josh Solar

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