Forever is Composed of the Nows

Forever hand letter - emily dickinson


If I could tell you anything right now it would be this...

Life is a battle, either internal or external, and sometimes both. 

Life is crazy. It rarely, if ever, happens like we imagine it will, right? That's why I'm here to let you know, even through all the struggle, life is totally worth it. You're worth it.

Right now, this very moment, you're alive. Emily Dickinson wrote a line that resonates with me so much... "Forever - is composed of the nows." We so often get caught up in the future or hung up on the past that we overlook our nows. Our forever is made up every moment by our nows. 

Don't let your struggles consume your nows and blind you to the fact that you are loved. You give someone their favorite hugs and kisses. Your smile is someone's favorite smile. Fill your nows up with that fact...that you are a gift in the life of someone else

You have no idea how strong your love is. I don't think any of us really do, but in times when I've felt the most down and out, and chose to act in love, despite my struggles and battles...that's when I've seen miracles happen. Just the act of doing something loving and kind for someone will create miracles inside of you. 

I know it can take a lot of courage to show up for life and be 100% yourself. I also know you have the fortitude to do so. Those tiny moments of bravery are what make you YOU. And you can't get rid of all the things that make you YOU and still find joy and meaning. You also can't get rid of the struggles, because those struggles make us who we are. Without my struggle, I'd never know what my joys are.

I want you to know I'm rooting for you.
I want you to know I won't let you fall.
I want you to know you matter

I want you to do something for me right now. It will only take a moment. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Inhale so deep your stomach feels like it's going to burst. Exhale, completely empty the oxygen out of your belly. Inhale and imagine me, right now, sending any and all love I can muster, right to you. Feel the warmth. Feel the light. Exhale. One more time, inhale, and this time, give yourself grace in whatever shortcomings or mistakes you feel you've made. Completely forgive yourself. Exhale. 

Repeat that exercise as often as possible. It's only 3 breaths. And know my love is there anytime you need it. That's the most amazing thing about our's infinite. We can never, ever run out, and love is always there when we choose to call on it.

To bring it all back, let's live going forward with the thought our forevers are made up of our nows. And how much better will our forevers be if we're filling our nows up with positivity, love and grace?

I believe in you.

With love,

Josh Solar

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