One Step on My Path to a Whole Life

So I found myself, at a camp for entrepreneurs called Brand Camp, ready to have fun and learn about matching up my business goals with my personal life goals, and working on a business that fed me both internally and paid my bills. As usual, when you go into a situation with certain expectations, life will swoop in with a curveball.

It starts with something called "Holy Yoga." Which is how I met Morgan Day Cecil, the yoga instructor Kristen Kalp brought in to teach some yoga each morning of the camp. I've long been a fan of yoga, and have practiced on and off for 6 years now, but I'd never heard of any holy yoga before. I love trying new things, especially when they involve some sort of spiritual nature, so I told Morgan I'd be there in the morning to see what it was all about. 

The next morning, I was up bright and early, and ready to get my workout in. Turns out, holy yoga involves spiritual readings, beautiful and uplifting music and a whole heck of a lot of hard work (I'm not very flexible but getting there). I remember being in the middle of some pose and then I heard these words...

Lost and weary traveler searching for the way to go
Stranger heavy hearted longing for someone you know
May you find a light
May you find a light

May you find a light
To guide you home

lyrics taken from
"May You Find a Light" by the Brilliance

And then I started crying. Because I was in the midst of this crazy funk I've talked about before. Those words were what I needed to hear. And Morgan, wow, the calm and peace and love in her voice as she's encouraging you to keep going...that you're enough...that you're good...that you're loved. I'd never experienced anything like it in my entire life. Near the end, as I was in Shavasana, sweat dripping, feeling so wonderful...I didn't want the class to end. Pure bliss!

I had the pleasure of doing 3 classes with Morgan that week. Since then, we've grown to be close friends. She really is a gem of a human. Love + encouragement just oozes out of her. In times when I'm struggling, I know I can reach out to Morgan and hear some genuinely comforting words. And knowing her story, about where she came from, the resilience she's shown in life to make it to where she is now...just beautiful.

That brings me to now. Morgan has been learning and living a life of romance + adventure. One of bravery and courage. And she's crafted a Summer Pilgrimage for us all to take part in. She's building a community of people who are vulnerable, committed to a life of love and encouragement, and those that aren't afraid to be fully themselves. 

I'd love it if you took a moment to head on over to her Romance + Adventure site and see if her 5 week e-course speaks to you. Enrollment is open from May 19-May 28 so don't wait! I'm all signed up and would love it if you joined me as well on my journey to love deeper in my life as I know we can all use a little more love and encouragement in our lives right?

Morgan has definitely been a big key to me getting out of the funk I was in. I know she can help you, too. It just might be the spark you need.

Josh Solar

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