What Our Bike Excursion in Shark Valley Taught Me About Fear

Last week, we were on a fun little adventure in Florida with our kids. No plans other than to be together and find adventure. We shared ice cream and donuts, spent a LOT of time at the beach, saw some gators, took an airboat ride through the beautiful mangroves, hiked in the pouring rain, some more gators, canoed in the everglades, saw a manatee and some dolphins, invented a game called MoMo the Shark (I couldn't figure out exactly what this game was, but my kids invented it and it involves jumping on hotel beds with glo sticks and lots of screaming) and biked in Shark Valley. Which leads me to today's post...

On our last day in Florida, we headed to Shark Valley and rented some bikes. It was hot, and we only had an hour or so but figured we'd cover more ground on bike than by foot, and the kids were up for having the wind blown in their faces for a while anyway. About 1 mile into the ride, we came on an alligator sleeping butt out in the road. I could tell my kids were a bit scared, as was I. I mean, alligators can motor on the ground about 30 mph for 50 yards or so (a stat we learned on our airboat ride the day before). But, like most of what life throws at you, you just put your head down, pedal faster and charge on through.

Think about all the times that you were scared of something? Your mind built up these crazy scenarios, oftentimes keeping you from taking action. But on those times when you did take action, how often did you find the fear wasn't necessary because everything turned out fine? How many lessons have you learned by choosing to charge through a scary situation? 

Don't let the alligator win. Don't let fear win. Keep going. You got this.

Josh Solar

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