Hidden Messages

Do you ever search for messages hidden within the things we say? Recently I've been playing around with phrases I hear throughout my day, and cutting out the words that aren't necessarily true or even needed. I've been sharing them on Instagram, but wanted to compile a few here with some explanations...

So many times I've found myself saying I'm still trying to figure it all out. And I fully believe the second we think we do have it all figured out, we're then blinded to other options/ideas and we become set in our ways. The key to me here is the two words "still trying." That's the goal for me. To put in effort. To wake up every day with an open heart. To constantly look at the same old things with a new set of eyes. Still trying to love my wife and kids better. Still trying to be the best me I can possibly be. I'm not trying to figure it all out anymore. I just want to focus on loving others well and encourage the heck out of everyone I meet.



 How often do we find ourselves using limiting words on the way we think about ourselves? I catch myself all the time. I'm not ready to write that kids book. I'm almost ready to (fill in the blank). But look at how powerful those same sentences can be if you cut out the unnecessary words and letters. Say it like this... "Almost but not yet courageous." Leaves you feeling flat and less than. But if you say it again with my modifications... "Most courageous," doesn't it feel better? One thing I've learned in my short 34 years of life is that we are far more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. Just by making a choice and acting, no matter how big or small is a courageous act. You never ever can possibly know what will happen the second you make a choice to act.

I find myself constantly battling with these love/fear emotions. It seems easier to choose fear, to hide, to respond negatively. It's in our nature to survive, and our brains kick into survival mode super fast, even in situations that aren't life or death. But within the sentences, "You always have a choice. It's easier to choose fear over love." You can find the hidden gem of "always choose love." I've found that, yes, it's often times the fear reactions that are easier in the short term, but when we choose love, genuine loving actions, no matter how hard, or how people respond right away, in the end, I feel better. Making LOVE my first choice always leads to more fulfilling outcomes.




What are some phrases you tell yourself or others that could use a bit of editing? I'd love to hear. And as always, know you matter in this world.





Josh Solar

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