You are ________ enough

Say it with me, "I AM WHOLE."

Repeat it a few more times for me, please. 


There's a certain power that comes from saying "I AM WHOLE" to ourselves. And I'm a big believer that the things we tell ourselves on a daily basis become the things we believe most about ourselves. 

I'm no stranger to saying "I am not ________ enough." Take your pick of words to fill in that blank. Good, smart, strong, brave, courageous. I've filled that not ________ enough space with so many adjectives that are flat out lies. I've also come to know I'm not the only one.

A while ago I decided to remove the "not" from the sentence. Every time I find myself telling myself I'm not _______ enough, I catch myself and now say, "I am _______ enough."


It's done wonders on my whole attitude. Repeating truths are a whole lot better than telling myself lies. And if there's one thing I've learned in this thing I know to be true deep down in the core of my being it's this. Everything stems from either love or fear. I have Marianne Williamson to thank for that. And love feels a whole lot better than fear.

So, today, I'm asking you to join me. Let today be the day when you drop the not and realize you are enough. Always enough. Nothing is missing from your life. Maybe you wish some things would be different, and I'm right there with you. But you have everything you need to live. I would be willing to bet you've got some folks in your life who care about you. You've got air in your lungs. You're alive and reading these words right now. You matter to someone. You have a voice to be heard. You are important and needed, even if you don't always recognize it. I recently read these words from Hannah Brencher, 'You are whole. Stop looking for reasons not to be.' You are whole, my friend. Let's celebrate that fact and be thankful we get the chance to be alive. 

Josh Solar

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