How Encouraging Each Other Will Make the World a Better Place

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Last week I wrote about unexpected kindness, which leads to this week's short and sweet post about ways we can use little notes of encouragement to brighten another's day.

When we take a few moments to do something that lifts up another person, it can bless both the giver and the receiver. As the giver, you'll feel good knowing you added a bit of love into the world just because. As the receiver, well, who knows how your gift of love + encouragement will be received, but if the receiver is anything like me, i.e. human, they'll feel loved, valued, seen + know they matter. When people feel those feelings, they will inevitably carry that loving energy throughout the rest of their day and bless others in their own ways. Encouragement is pretty magical in that way. 

I imagine a world filled up with love + support for one another, and the only way that can happen is if we all do our part. That's why Hello Happiness Card Co even exists. Because I want to create products that make it easy for us to love one another better.

A few weeks ago we released 2 new sets of Mini Encouragement cards. It's been fun to see how people use these little notes of love. Here's a list of a few ways I've used them or seen them used...

  • Left in credit card slots at gas station pumps or ATM machines
  • Teachers give them to their students
  • Left with a tip at a restaurant
  • Stuck in the mail when people are mailing checks back to pay their bills
  • Left in airplane pockets for a weary traveler to find
  • Left by cold medicine, diapers and other various products where someone might need some encouragement
  • Stuffed in gym bags at a sporting goods store
  • Left in wallets at REI
  • Left on an elliptical machine at the gym
  • Handed to the post office workers, trash collectors, police officers, firemen, etc.
  • Given out to cashiers during the holidays, a stressful time to work retail
  • Left in your kids' lunch
  • Given to your spouse on a hard day
  • Taped to a mirror or your refrigerator or in cabinets for you to find randomly throughout the day

Note: If you've purchased some of our mini encouragement cards, I'd love if you shared on Instagram/Facebook with the #encouragesomebody and tag @hellohappinesscardco. I love to see what all you beautiful people do to love others well.

There are so many opportunities we have to bless another person, even ourselves. It doesn't take a lot of time, but it leaves a major impact. I call that a win.

Go forth and #encouragesomebody today!

Josh Solar

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